If you came here it means that you have heard about AKLM Lemonade. If you give us a moment, you will get to know us better. We are kind, creative and effective in what we do. We have a solid workshop. Our agency is efficient in the areas of media, marketing, advertising and PR.
We support local governments, investment funds and developers operating in the residential and office real estate sectors, in effective communication with their recipients. We tell stories of the company and its products.
All this to release emotions and hit the aspirations of people standing in the audience.
As one of the few agencies on the domestic market, we are a competent support for architectural offices in the scope of comprehensive management of external communication. We listen and help you in making the philosophy of your office known to others.


We are not a universal agency and we do not expect our clients to be like that either. We understand that every organization we work with has unique needs, character and history. With this in mind, each time we look for individual forms of communication that help us achieve the results you expect.

Our partners appreciated us for the professionalism and effectiveness of our activities as well as the ease of adjusting marketing strategies to their individual needs.

In order for your architectural office to be able to carry out projects, you need clients and time.

You stand out and want people who have chosen you to come to you. You need a partner who will know your brand and help you highlight the office's philosophy.

We are able to provide solid communication for your projects, we will help you reach new clients through the media.
We know how to effectively manage external communication so that you can focus on designing and meeting clients.
Publication for the jubilee of an architectural studio, a monograph on investment, a newspaper for the fair or biennale, a sales brochure, etc. We have rich experience in this. We plan, write, design, break and print. You will receive a finished product.

Competition charts, exhibitions, space installations, exhibition pavilions. Our team is ready for it. Click here and check our portfolio.

Property development investments require efficient organization at all levels. You want to build the right information environment for your project, start with choosing an experienced partner.

We offer professional support for private investors and finduszy in effective communication with local communities, cooperation with the media and access to feedback necessary for proper management of the entire investment process.

We support activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
An important element of our services is the so-called guardian angel care - help in crisis situations as well as advice, supervision and implementation of the process of contacts with the public in the face of crises.

We know it and are able to use it. Writing comes us with ease. Our texts may be light, but not trivial, we know true meaning of words and differences in press forms.

Press packs, statements, articles, storytelling, conversations, copywriting of brochures and catalogs. Monographs. Only journalists with many years of experience are among our content providers. Their ethics, workshop and culture of expression provide the highest quality copywriters. You'll appreciate it.

We offer a full range of systems for building B2B and B2C relationships tailored to individual needs. Everything starts in the same pub. It is a marketing strategy that opens the way for active online promotion - also through Social Media, building relationships with the media. Then control the effects by monitoring the Internet.

We support building relationships with investors thanks to the organization of industry meetings, we also provide comprehensive preparation of press conferences. We help companies to establish cooperation with public institutions, organizations and cultural events.

By supporting partners you value from other industries, you strengthen your image.

Marketing strategies – analysis of determinants, diagnosis of investment issues, project, development of action strategies, response to crisis situations

Copywriting – development of articles, creation of directory contents

Branding – comprehensive brand creation, logotype designs, graphic signs, website design, rebranding

Publishing – development of marketing and festival catalogs, comprehensive preparation of newspapers, magazines, books

Content providing – advertising creations, advertising slogans

Public relations – development of communication strategies, comprehensive organization and conduct of press conferences, service of community portals

Placemaking – comprehensive construction and service of placement projects as well as coordination of interdisciplinary task groups

SIW – projects of Visual Identification Systems for buildings, exhibition pavilions, exhibition spaces

Advertising films – intended for online promotion and for public presentations